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Ashling Johnson

Production Designer of ‘Big Boys’ Channel 4 Sitcom,

2023, by Rough Cut


"Charmaine was a valued member of our small but busy team on Big Boys.  She was certainly thrown in to deal with a varying degree of tasks which included, Graphics, Petty Cash buying , Research, Model making, Dressing . . . 


We were working on a tight schedule and the pace was considerably fast and at times a bit overwhelming but Charmaine overcame her initial apprehension and learnt to adapt quickly . . . 


She is particularly good at Model Making and really impressed us with her skills, she had a very

measured approach, sourced materials and kept a keen eye on costs . She also took on several graphics jobs and was quick to produce last minute requests . . . She was incredibly helpful, very hard working throughout and I would happily have her on an art department team again as an art dept assistant."

Marcy Paterson
Producer of NHS advert entitled ‘What did you do today?’
shot in October 2019 by Mallinson Television Productions.


“It was a delight to have Charmaine as part of the Production team. Our shoot was quite challenging across various locations, she brought a lovely natural look to these and worked extremely well within time constraints and sticking to budget.  Charmaine has a very professional manner and ability to also listen to the directors needs and as a producer this is so valued.”

Rosie Brear
Producer for Easter Road Music Video for artist Calum Beattie by Jonjo Lowe Media.


“Charmaine came on board to Art Direct our music video in September 2019 having found her through Film Bang. It was a difficult shoot with a very tight budget, but Charmaine went above and beyond to source everything we needed and dressed all of our sets with incredible attention to detail. She was the first on set to arrive and the last to leave, and her positive attitude was infectious. Cannot recommend Charmaine highly enough!”

Lili Lea Abraham

Production Designer for 'Dad Was' short film


"I had the opportunity of working with Charmaine while filming ‘Dad Was’ short film in May 2019 in Glasgow. Charmaine was an enthusiastic, creative and resourceful person whose hard work and positive attitude helped the project to happen in a very successful way.  We were filming in Glasgow and as I am based in London I relied on Charmaine’s contacts and knowledge of local prop houses a lot.  The conditions for filming the short were not easy, with ambitious design, tight deadlines and limited budget, but Charmaine took the challenges well and delivered outstanding work in pre-production and on set too.  Charmaine showed that she cared and despite that our fees were low, she gave her best and went well beyond expectations in assisting me and making sure the sets looked good."

Caroline Grebbell
Art Director for Stronger is better than Angry, a short film commissioned as part of
‘The Uncertain kingdom’ project:


“Charmaine worked with me on a short film in 2019 and proved herself to be intelligent, enthusiastic, hard working and practical. She was willing to take on unforeseen challenges which arose during filming and interacted well with performers and other members of the crew. I would have no hesitation in working with Charmaine again and her skills, which include graphics and prop making, would be beneficial to any design department.” 

Moley Campbell
Production Designer of MI High series 6

“Charmaine was enthusiastic and creative.  A new art department assistant would normally take a tentative approach, not wanting to make any decisions themselves.  When asked to have a go at dressing a set Charmaine would really throw herself into it! She’d try new ideas and fill the room in a creative way adding layers of graphics for example or filing cabinets with unusual objects which catch the light in an interesting way.  She would not shy away from any job, was really helpful and picked up new skills quickly. From set painting to construction drawings and recce plans.  She was fun to have a round, made good friends quickly and left a lasting impression on us all.”



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